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Patient Review for Dr. Bentz

by Linda McGuire RDH


Please see one of our reviews from one of our wonderful patients, Spencer!

Spencer H.

Boulder, CO


Before I found Michael as my dentist it had been several years since I received dental care because of bad experiences in the past. When I first came in I was nervous, but everyone was so friendly including his dogs Rowdy and Amber that any nervousness went away.

Not only does he use the newest dental technology available he actually sat me down and explained to me  how it works. This way I didn’t have to worry about him taking advantage of my ignorance and charging me for processes that were unnecessary. He also showed me pictures of the problem areas as he was working so I could see how much decay he was actually removing.

He also actually listens to his patients and when I told him about my canker sore problem he was careful not to scrape any part of my mouth which has happens at every other dentist I have been to. This has saved me days of pain after every appointment.

Still my favorite part personally is that when I am nervous about getting shots (I am quite afraid of needles) he will actually call his dog into the room for me to pet which calms me down and makes me feel much better. I’m my opinion this makes dental appointments actually enjoyable which is something I have never said before.

If you want more information he has a YouTube channel  with personal testimonials from many of his patients. Dr. Bentz YouTube

For an experience such as Spencer’s, please give us a call today to set up an appointment!  We are a caring team that will treat you just like family.

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