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by Linda McGuire RDH

7 months ago
My wife and I have entrusted our dental care to Dr. Bentz for over 20 years. He was referred to us when we first moved to Colorado and it is my pleasure to refer him to you! Scheduling an appointment is always easy, with a reminder phone call the day before the appointment. Paula always provides a warm friendly greeting and the rest of his staff works tirelessly to provide a most comfortable experience.

Dr. Bentz is very professional and always takes the time to explain what dental work needs to be done and why. He is very thorough in his examinations and procedures. What truly impresses me is his incredible attention to detail and perfectionism, ensuring that each procedure is completed methodically and systematically to his satisfaction. He invests the extra time to verify that the bite is correct after a procedure and the color of a new crown naturally matches the color of the surrounding teeth. He is responsible for my “hollywood smile” and we are grateful for his continuing care!

Justin M

8 months ago
Dr. Bentz and his staff are great! For a person with extremely high dental anxiety, they all make me feel very comfortable. The therapy dogs and soothing environment are top notch, especially for a person like me who is very nervous going to the dentist due to past horrible experiences. Coming to Dr. Bentz was the best dental decision I have ever made!!
Bridget Morant

9 months ago
My husband and I have been patients for years (starting when we were dating!) and I can only say that experience is second to none. The work, technique, Paula’s customer service and the genuine care for their patients is amazing. Their technicians reflect Dr.Bentz’s commitment to excellence and I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Katie Young

9 months ago
I have been going to Dr. Bentz for 3 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased! He is the best dentist I have ever had. Dr. Bentz and his wife are the nicest and most caring people. They make u feel like family and really care about your health. Dr. Bentz does excellent work and really aimes to please you. They make you feel very comfortable in their office while getting any work done. I wouldn’t go to any other dentist!
heidi weiser

a year ago
As with many people, I don’t really enjoy going to the dentist.
However, I actually look forward to my quarterly cleanings at Bentz’s office! They are great people. Friendly, caring, quick without overlooking detail. It is the most thorough dental work I have ever received. And while dental work is always expensive, they are willing to work with my budget, without judgment and allow for payment plans.
Their dog “assistants” are pretty fun, too, and I am not a dog person.
Whenever I have a concern, Dr. Bentz is very explanatory, patient and communicative.
They have an office that can be a challenge to get to at times, as it is on a busy Boulder street corner, but it’s well worth the effort. I have recommended several people to Dr. Bentz, and we all are pleased with his work.
Dan Lamm

a year ago
Dr. Bentz is absolutely the best. I drive all the way from Denver to his place to get my teeth shiny and proper for a reason. I agree with all the other comments that he has a very gentle touch, as does all his staff which is also extremely important. They do keep up with the latest technology as well which is always great. When you walk in the door you are greeted by two life loving, golden retrievers that want nothing more than to be everyone’s best friend. Grade A+ work here all around!
Diane Klammer

a year ago
Michael Bentz has been my dentist for over 10 years. Paula and his office staff treat me like family. Paula makes certain to bill insurance and make my stay as relaxing as possible He’s extremely competent and uses state of the art methods. Since starting there, I never had to go back for the same cavity over and over like I did with some others. He uses a comprehensive approach which prevents future dental trouble down the road. In a world where many things are becoming so impersonal, I’m lucky to have a dentist and staff that I actually enjoy going to visit, as much as anyone can enjoy dental work. They have treated our family with affection and respect, considering the whole person and our individual needs. They have extras such as music through IPOD and two beautiful golden retrievers to provide pet therapy if wanted. I highly recommend him and his staff.
Rick Marx

a year ago
Friendly atmosphere, great individual care, up to date technology, and thorough exam.
Larry Jepson

a year ago
Knowledgeable, professional, experienced staff; detailed and accurate dental work. A relaxed office atmosphere where a sense of “pride in work” exists among staff members. Highly recommended.
Stacy S

a year ago
Dr. Michael Bentz DDS is an exceptional general dentist. He graduated top of his class from Marquette University and has been in practice over 30 years. He comes from a strong background in dentistry. His father was known throughout the world for his innovation in treatment. Dr. Bentz, Paula, and the other staff show the utmost empathy and compassion to every patient. Dr. Bentz strives for excellence and perfection.
Education is key for each and every patient. Mutual appreciation for our patients is shown with an honest approach and patient trust. Dr. Bentz, Paula, and staff love a good conversation and always have a ready smile. We come to work with a professional and strong positive attitude! This practice, we all have the highest respect and support for each other daily. Patients of Dr. Bentz will meet an established, intelligent, exuberant dentist. Dr. Bentz provides top dental professional care of the highest quality and treats all of his patients like family. I have been in dentistry for over 20 years and worked for many dentists, and can without a doubt state Dr. Bentz’ dental work is unsurpassed in quality.

Stacy Spano Meira, Certified Dental Assistant

Thomas Swenson

a year ago
For over 18 years, Dr. Bentz has been my dentist. He and his professional staff provide thorough, careful dental care, using the latest technology (it always seems to be upgrading). At the same time, they make a visit to the office comfortable and enjoyable, with music, heated head rests, nitrous oxide and novocaine (when needed). My visits to Dr. Bentz’s office are actually a restful break from daily routine. From expert teeth cleaning to wisdom-tooth extraction, root canal treatment, and custom-fitted crowns (at least a half-dozen), the dedicated care and service are always great.
Samantha Hedberg

2 years ago
I’ve been a client of Dr Bentz for 10 years. He has performed outstanding quality and genuine kindness throughout the years. The office environment is very friendly – including the 2 dogs that greet you when you arrive. They use state of the art technology and provide many options to make sure that your visit is as comfortable as possible. I’ve had many issues with my teeth and trust Dr. Bentz and his staff completely.
Patrick Schweiger

2 years ago
Dr Bentz has been our family dentist for 12+ years.  We felt we were in the best of hands from the start, since he not only takes pride in his work but is also a perfectionist.

Paula, the office manager, is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She handles all interactions with insurance and provides consistently accurate estimates. Paula has gone out of her way to accommodate my schedule on numerous occasions.

Their dogs Rocky and Amber always greet us with a friendly tail wag.

Our children love the dogs.  They are also excited about the prize drawer.

We highly recommend Dr Bentz and his excellent crew to anyone with teeth.

Ken Merry

2 years ago
I have been going to Dr. Bentz for 13 years, and he has done an excellent job. If you want a dentist who will get it right, he’s the guy to see. The fillings he has done for me have lasted a long time and have been trouble free. Dr. Bentz, Paula, and Diane care a lot about their patients, and really go above and beyond to get things taken care of. Paula does a great job dealing with insurance companies, which helps takes the hassle out of the experience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bentz to anyone looking for a good dentist.
Mark Hoekstra

2 years ago
After moving to Erie from out of state, I received a referral to Dr. Bentz when I had some tooth pain before leaving the country on a business trip. They got me right in and I have been very pleased with the experience ever since. After a few visits it now feels more like visiting a friend’s house than going to the dentist! Greeted each time by their friendly golden retrievers, you walk into what feels more like a family room than a dentists office. Paula, Diane, Tara, and Dr. Bentz all very friendly and caring people!
Paul Alter

2 years ago
I found Dr. Bentz after some very bad experiences that kept me away from a dentist for many years. About 25 years later and I’m still with Dr. Bentz! I’m very happy with his patient and gentle approach to dentistry, how he keeps current on technology and procedures, and his entire staff of caring professionals. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Bentz.
Luigi Putanesca

2 years ago
I’ve been going to Dr. Bentz for more than 10 years. They are very friendly and take very good care of me. Whenever I have something critical going on, they are always able to squeeze me into the schedule. I have not had any problems with their dental work and they are very attentive to catching problems before they get too big.
Diana Spencer

2 years ago
Wonderful, caring office! Dr. Bentz and his staff are so kind and thoughtful. They care about their patients, how they are doing and what they can do to comfort them. I am not a big fan of dentists however I am Dr. Bentz biggest fan. I highly recommend him and his staff for any dental work you need. You won’t be disappointed I promise. Everyone is EXCELLENT!
Kathryn Macey

3 years ago
Great people. We have been patients for over 20+ years. Dr. Bentz is an absolutely wonderful dentist. My husband Mike & I highly recommend Dr Bentz and staff.

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