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Review of Dr. Michael Bentz Dentistry

by Ramblin Jackson


We were with Dr. Bentz years ago and have just switched back to him after moving back into town.

The experience with Dr. Bentz, the dental hygienist, and Paula at the front desk has not changed in nearly a decade.  They are great.  They are all friendly, personable and make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter their office.

I have broken this review into categories for ease of reading:

1) STAFF – As already stated, these folks are wonderful and know what they are doing.  I’m delighted with the service I had today.  I wouldn’t trust my teeth, my wife’s teeth or my daughter’s teeth to anyone else.  Period.
2)  LOCATION – Excellent location on East Pearl street right past Whole Foods.  Very convenient to most of Boulder when you are out and about.  It is sometimes hard to merge onto Pearl because of traffic but the convenience of their location makes up for that.
3)  OFFICE DECOR – Very homey feel.  I dislike going into dentist and doctor offices that feel cold and unwelcoming.  This place feels like your aunt or uncle’s house.  Very comfortable chairs and even a couple of beautiful, friendly golden retrievers near the front desk to say hello to the kids.  Great stuff.
4)  QUALITY OF WORK – Dr Bentz and his staff have top of the line equipment and very skilled patient hands.  Any review to the contrary is completely inaccurate.

Dr Bentz is highly recommended.

– Kristopher, Denver, CO


Thank you, Kristopher, for one of our most recent Yelp reviews! We appreciate your feedback and kind words! Dr. Bentz is highly recommended by all his patients, and we’d love to help you on your dental journey! If you’d like to have an experience like Kristopher, give us a call today!


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