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Boulder Dental Services

State of the Art Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder

Boulder Dental Services:Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder

Initial interview

Cosmetic Dentist Thorough and comprehensive initial clinical and radiographic dental examination

Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder Understandable treatment consultation

Early Cavity DetectionLaser Cavity Detection – Early Diagnosis

Digital XRaysDigital X-rays (reduced radiation)

Computer Dental Imaging BoulderComputer Imaging, Digitally Enhanced Evaluations

Zeiss Surgical BoulderPrecision Treatments are rendered under Zeiss surgical magnification, in conjunction with intense fiber optic illuminationOral CameraVideo Oral Camera – Diagnosis & Patient Recognition

Nitrous Oxide Boulder, CORelaxing Nitrous Oxide (no extra charge)

Dentist with HeadphonesNoise cancelling stereo headphones

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and Gel

Tooth Colored Fillings BoulderTooth-colored, mercury-free bonded fillings

Cosmetic Dentistry BoulderCosmetic “enhancing” dentistry for a youthful smile

Dental LabCustom laboratory technician

Private Dental RoomsPrivate Treatment Rooms & Personalized AttentionNatural looking porcelain crowns & bridges to replace missing teeth

Full and partial dentures

Root Canal BoulderRoot canal therapy to alleviate your discomfort and infection

Gum Disease TreatmentPeriodontal therapy (gum disease treatment)

Extractions when necessary

Night (bite, grinding) guards, and Sport guards

Porcelain implant crowns

Dental Services and Cosmetic Dentist in Boulder, CO please call Michael A. Bentz of Boulder Dentistry for a consultation.

Dr. Bentz is an experienced and established dentist, and is looking forward to serving the Boulder community for many years to come, offering a complete range of Dental Health Care services.