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Intitial Dental Care Visit

Michael A. Bentz Dentistry | Dental Care Boulder, CO

Your Time is Important and as Boulder Dentists, We Care!
We pride ourselves on being on time for your appointment, unforeseen emergencies or interruptions excepted.

Upon your initial visit, you will then participate in a mutual Dentist – Patient interview, at which time you will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Bentz any questions about your dental condition, and inform him of any particular concerns you have. Dr. Michael Bentz can also provide you information if you have been considering Cosmetic Dentistry. Your teeth will then be examined and cleaned, to include oral cancer screening, bite check, tooth decay detection, and periodontal (gum) evaluation.


Boulder Dentists – Philosophy

Dr. Bentz’s philosophy in his Boulder Dental Practice parallels that of our physicians in that with any disease of the human body, early detection and early treatment is always preferred. His dental examinations are very thorough and comprehensive and his treatment is extremely precise and fully cosmetic.

State of the Art Dental Office in Boulder, CO

Dr. Bentz has a state of the art Dental Office in Boulder, Colorado with many advances in diagnostic and dental treatment technology. His patients benefit from enhanced diagnosis utilizing laser cavity detection in conjunction with digitally enhanced computerized x-rays. This enables Dr. Bentz to diagnose dental problems which were otherwise not evident to the human eye or by traditional methods that are in widespread use today.

At the time of your dental examination and treatment by Dr. Bentz you will be able to interact and personally benefit as you learn about and recognize your own dental conditions. This is accomplished by the use of our intra-oral camera, extra-oral digital photography and digitally processed radiographs that are displayed for you at each examination or treatment appointment on a patient over the chair monitor.

Following your cleaning and examination, Paula will schedule your next Dental Consultation and treatment appointment for your earliest convenience.

Our Dental Care in Boulder, CO various services for your teeth including cosmetic dentistry, porcelain implant crowns, full/ partial dentures, computer dental imaging, digital X-rays, and more. We pride ourselves on providing you the best dental care in Boulder, CO.

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