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Boulder, CO Dentist | Dental Consultation

Boulder Dentistry, Boulder, CO Dentist, Dr. Michael Bentz provides a comprehensive dental consultation for all his patients. During your dental consultation Dr. Bentz and his assistant will thoroughly explain your dental examination findings and treatment needs and options.


Boulder CO dentist, Dr. Bentz uses  your x-rays, intra and extra-oral photographs combined with interactive video education programs so that you can easily understand your treatment needs. This consultation enables you to make educated decisions about your dental care, keeping in mind that your dental needs can be detected and treated early with the best possible results, or if postponed would only worsen and be more difficult and extensive to treat.

Dental Insurance and Payment

Our dentist in Boulder welcomes all types of dental insurance programs that offers you the freedom to choose your  dentist. Michael Bentz Dentistry dos not participate in HMO type “volume” dental programs. His usual, customary and reasonable fees (UCR) are approved by the largest dental insurance administrator in ColoradoDelta Dental. If you have dental insurance your claims are promptly filed for you electronically. We accept check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover for payment of your treatment. Boulder Dentistry also offers an interest free treatment financing program for qualified individuals.

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